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Our Leadership Model

In Search of Eagles, Inc. is uniquely positioned to answer the complex questions involved in building a sustainable profitable organization in the 21st Century Economy.

The foundation of our Leadership Model — Leading From Resonance™ — is based on eight core principles developed by In Search of Eagles. These core principles have been field tested in multiple industries over the last 35 years. We concretely demonstrate how to replace the Command & Control leadership paradigm with a paradigm based on Values & Goals. Leading From Resonance™ results in increased productivity and efficiency due to decentralized decision making grounded in effective delegation skills.

Although enlightened leadership based on Values & Goals has recently been considered conventional wisdom, research shows that over 60% of employees are disengaged from their work and intend to change jobs within the next year! Something very important and fundamental is missing from the picture management has of the working environment for so many people to be “tuned out.”

In Search of Eagles exists to help you create a Rapid Response Culture™ populated with fully engaged, loyal employees who build Resonant Relationships™ with your customers and suppliers.

A loyal, fully engaged workforce requires leaders — managers, department heads, and supervisors — with awareness, independence and courage. Indigenous cultures ascribed these characteristics to the eagle; thus the eagle is an appropriate emblem for Resonant Leaders.

Our Market Niche

We work with business owners, Senior Executives and Professionals who are responsible for the long term success and prosperity of their organization. We serve a diverse client base including businesses in both the service and manufacturing area as well as non-profit and government organizations. Our clients share an appreciation that engaged employees create loyal customers which ultimately results in organizational success and prosperity.

Our Business Perspective

At In Search of Eagles, we believe that success and prosperity are determined by the quality of our relationships. In every human encounter, our actions either create Resonance or Dissonance. If we choose to enhance our relationships, we create Resonance. Conversely, creating Dissonance (whether consciously or unconsciously) diminishes the quality of our relationships.

In the 21st Century Economy success and prosperity will flow to those leaders who create Resonant Relationships™ with their employees, suppliers and customers. All others will struggle to survive.

Our client’s responsibility is to do two things very well regardless of their market or business arena:

  1. Continue to lower the cost of production while improving product quality and customer service.

  2. Increase margins by creating an expanding following of loyal customers who are recruited one at a time.

Leaders cannot fulfill these two mission-critical responsibilities without enthusiastic, fully engaged employees. Leaders must take engagement seriously because talented people are not solely motivated by money nor will they endure a dissonant working environment. To keep talented employees, employers must create a resonant culture where the employee’s values are congruent with those of the organization and their work brings personal meaning and fulfillment to their lives.

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